Washing at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees – Óbuda University is also saving money on energy bills

Tar Gábor | 2022-11-16
Washing in the dormitories is allowed at a maximum of 30 degrees - this is also stipulated by the rector's instruction on energy saving measures at Óbuda University, which also apply to the order of the academic year and the way exams are organised.

Óbuda University has also introduced energy-saving measures which are detailed in the Rector’s Instruction. These measures cover not only technical issues, but also the organisation of the academic year and examinations.

Under the technical measures of the Rector’s Instruction:

– the temperature of hot water is set at 40 degrees Celsius,

– the decorative and architectural lighting of the buildings will be switched off at 8 pm,

washing in the dormitories is limited to 30 degrees,

– the use of local heating appliances (e.g. oil radiators, electric heaters) is banned,

– non-university-owned IT and communication equipment cannot be charged from the university mains;

– heating by air-conditioners is prohibited.

Washing in the dormitories is limited to 30 degrees (Photo: 123rf)

There will also be a teaching and administrative break from 20 December to 6 January. In contrast to other universities (e.g. University of Szeged, University of Public Service), dormitories will not be closed, but the accommodation of students in dormitories will be “optimised” between 20 December and 8 January.

During the first half of the academic year, lectures shall be held in attendance from Monday to Friday until 19:30 and until 16:00 on Saturdays.

The winter examination period will run from 12 December to 3 February (but no examinations can be organised between 20 December and 8 January). Examinations will be held in person, preferably in a designated building per site, and preference must be given to the grade offered.

Timetable for the second semester of the academic year:

– the academic term starts with the registration week (20-24 February),

– the first day of classes is 27 February and the last day of the academic term is 3 June.

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