Corvinus launches six new English-language MA programmes in September

Tar Gábor | 2023-02-06
From 31 January, 5 new English-language courses have been added to MA programme offerings of Corvinus University of Budapest in this year's admission period. A total of six new English-language master's programmes will be launched at Corvinus in September 2023, after the university had already announced one English-language master's programme in the current admission process.

The five English-language master’s programmes to be launched at Corvinus are all new to higher education in Hungary. Four of the five courses will last one year instead of the usual two. The new courses:

  • Economic Behaviour Analysis
  • Diplomacy
  • Marketing Strategy and Innovation
  • Advanced Supply Chain Management
  • Public Governance

Economic Behaviour Analysis

It is the only two-year course among the new English-language MA programmes and is a unique programme at regional level, too. It focuses on the triad of consumer and organisational behaviour and decisions, and social and economic change.

“Our students will become high-level, interdisciplinary professionals with a range of job opportunities from HR and marketing to research roles, based on international experience” – says Corvinus press release.

Career opportunities:

  • HR/personnel
  • marketing, advertising, media, PR
  • decision analysis and consultancy at the companies and institutions of the competitive, non-profit and public sectors
  • financial services, manufacturing and commerce
  • education, research

Together with the five new programmes, a total of six new English-language MA courses will be launched at Corvinus in September 2023 (Building E of Corvinus, photo: Corvinus)


The one-year course will train students to become diplomats, supported not only by an intensive curriculum and compulsory work placements, but also by support for shorter study trips abroad.

Marketing Strategy and Innovation

This course is a one-year intensive version of the MA programme of Marketing. “We train future leaders who can make complex marketing strategy decisions across different sectors and types of business, in both local and international markets,” says Corvinus.

Career opportunities

  • Market researcher/marketing analyst
  • Brand/product manager
  • Key account manager at advertising agencies
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Trade marketing specialist
  • Sales/key account manager
  • E-commerce expert
  • Media planner, purchaser
  • Internal communication, PR professional

Advanced Supply Chain Management

It is a one-year alternative to the master’s programme of Supply Chain Management. The objective of the programme is to train supply chain managers who understand the relations of integrated corporate logistic management and are able to control the corporate logistics system and the supply chains and networks of companies.

Public Governance

It is the one-year version of the master’s programme of Economics and Public Policy. The objective of the programme is to train economists who are able to effectively participate in community governance at local/regional, national and supranational levels.

Quarterly schedule

The new courses will run on a quarterly schedule with the advantage that students will study fewer subjects at the same time, giving them the opportunity to study a subject in more depth.

The Corvinus announcement on the launch of the new master’s courses points out that the Corvinus Scholarship is awarded for one academic year, so those studying for a one-year master’s programme in this format are guaranteed free of charge for the entire curriculum. In addition, a bachelor’s degree with an average of A grades guarantees admission to Corvinus Scholarship for the new master’s programmes.

Applications for the five new programmes can be submitted via felvi.hu. If you have already submitted your application, you can still modify it by adding new programmes or deleting existing ones until 15 February.

Two new English language courses will also be added to the BA programmes

Following Corvinus’ announcement last year, we wrote earlier that in addition to the five new courses currently offered, the university will launch three more new English-language courses from September 2023, which were not previously available in Hungary. Two of them (Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Data Science in Business) will be launched as a BA programme, while Political Economy as a MA programme.