The dormitories of the University of Szeged will be closed for three weeks

Tar Gábor | 2022-11-07
The University of Szeged has decided to close dormitories as part of the energy-saving measures introduced by the institution. During the winter period, there will be a two-week administrative break and a one-week winter closure.

The University of Szeged (SZTE) has adopted a package of energy-saving measures, including two one-week administrative breaks and a one-week closure for the winter period, as follows:

  • administrative break part 1: 19 December – 23 December
  • winter closure: 24 December – 1 January
  • administrative break part 2: 2 January – 8 January

During the first and second parts of the administrative break, exams will be organized continuously but with reduced hall capacity. During the winter closure, there will be a break in examination period, according to a press release published on the university’s website.

The dormitories of the university will be closed during the administrative break and the winter closure, but in “particularly justified cases” students who cannot travel home during the closure can request accommodation in four designated dormitories.

Photo: pexels.com

During the administrative break and the winter closure, most of the university buildings will be closed, except for the health and public education buildings.

20 degrees in dormitories

As regards heating, a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius has been set in the teaching buildings and the dormitories, but the heating will be lowered to 10 degrees in the closed university buildings during administrative breaks and winter closure.

In addition, the use of various electrical heating appliances is prohibited, and no private heating appliances may be used unless prior authorisation is granted.

Other universities also introduced energy-saving measures

The University of Pécs has also announced its savings measures in response to the significant rise in energy prices. According to these, the temperature provided by heating cannot exceed 20 degrees in the university’s lecture, office and dormitory halls, and 18 degrees in the public halls and corridors. The saving measures also modify the structure of the academic year: the autumn break is cancelled.

The heating in lecture and dormitory halls can be set to a maximum of 20 degrees, according to energy-saving measures at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Hot water is also turned off, and autumn, spring breaks will be cancelled.

The management of Corvinus University of Budapest has decided to extend the winter break. As part of energy saving measures, the building of the university will be closed for three weeks in winter season.

ELTE had already changed the structure of academic year at the beginning of September. The autumn break has been moved to 12-17 December, so the last day of the autumn semester will be the 9th December (10th December for correspondence training).