What makes your behavior perfect?

Halaska Gábor | 2023-05-25
Behavior is important in everyday life, at work as well as in life. But what does it all depend on or is it just one of many expectations to live up to?

Behavior is in fact nothing more than a combination of human reactions and actions that are perceptible (visible, audible) to others. These actions reflect on the outside world, on the behavior of other people, on events.

The way a person behaves is influenced by many factors. Cultural, social, workplace expectations, family patterns, emotions, mood, stress levels and many other external parameters.

What does depend on it?

Almost everything. Behavior is closely linked to our personality, but we can change a lot, unconsciously or consciously, depending on the environment. It’s important because we form friendships and work relationships partly based on behavior.

The problem starts when a person finds it difficult to balance his/her personality with the behavior expected of him/her, and thus behaves in different ways at different places, which takes up a lot of energy. This is why one may fail in his/her career, in his/her personal life and that is why he/she may feel burnt out.

Workplace behavior – but how?

There is a growing perception that soft skills are more important than professional skills. Leading companies believe that it is useless to have an impeccable CV and perfect professional skills if you are not a team player, can not be motivated and not creative enough.

“Smiles up, stomps down”

It’s not exactly the way the saying goes in common parlance, but that’s the gist of it. It’s said of people who look only after their own interests and, in pursuit of their goals, don’t care who they run over on the road to get there.

So in a workplace, behavior is of paramount importance. You have to follow the instructions of your supervisor and not always have the option of saying no to tasks. Being humble contributes a lot to moving up the career ladder, but it is important to be clear that it does not mean you have to be humiliated.

The key lies somewhere in the happy medium: move towards your goals with a spirit of sacrifice, but don’t forget to stand up for yourself!

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