Corvinus launches three new English-language programmes

Tar Gábor | 2022-12-31
From September 2023, Corvinus University of Budapest will launch three English-language programmes that have not been available in Hungary before. Two of them (Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Data Science in Business) will be launched as a bachelor's programme (BA), while Political Economy as a master's programme (MA).

All three programmes – which are very popular in Western Europe and the US – will be taught in English, further increasing the proportion of English programmes at the university. More than half of the university’s undergraduate programmes and almost two thirds of its master’s programmes are launched in English or in English as well.


The PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) programme is based on an approach following the Anglo-Saxon training tradition which is being spread throughout Europe: it explores the interconnected issues of economy- society – politics with a philosophical foundation and value for the citizens of future generations. The training provides a deep and solid foundation for all those who wish to move forward into politics, economics and science, as analysts and leaders – Corvinus says about PPE in its website.

Data Science in Business

The other new English-language bachelor’s programme, Data Science in Business, will provide opportunities to acquire competences in data modelling and data analytics.

Building C of Corvinus University of Budapest (Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest)

“Individual and teamwork will equip you with strong methodological, IT and business competences. You can improve your skills at our partner universities and companies. If you want to continue the journey in this field, you can apply for several Masters and later PhD studies” – Corvinus says about the new BA programme.

Political Economy

The Master’s programme in Political Economy offers intellectually stimulating insights into how political and economic life interact with each other and how these two spheres jointly influence social and economic outcomes.

The programme aims to maintain a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge on the institutional stability and change of diverse political and economic systems, their role played in economic development, and their intended and unintended social, political and economic consequences.

“You can expect to progress to work in a role like analyst, consultant or project manager – in multinational companies, consulting firms, intergovernmental organisations, international NGOs, research institutes, public administration or in the media” – Corvinus says about the MA programme in its website.

BME and MOME also launch new English-language programmes

From September 2023, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) will launch a new English-language bachelor training programme in physics and engineering, the first of its kind in Hungary, in response to the shortage of specialists in innovative companies.

Two new English-language MA programmes (Animation and Design) will be available at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) from September 2023. Together with the first two English MA programmes launched in September 2022, four English MA programmes will be available at MOME in the next academic year.

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