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Meet Voovo, the Hungarian answer to Quizlet with a handy flashcard feature

Halaska Gábor | 2022-10-11
Want to prepare your own flashcards in a quick and automated way, from almost any subject? Discover the Hungarian-developed application and the team behind Voovo.

Extensive research and numerous studies have proved that active recall and spaced repetition are by far the most effective methods of learning, and for that, using flashcards is hands down the easiest. The app developed by the Voovo team allows you to prepare over 300 cards in under a minute.

Voovo developer Benedek Hermán and his team started to work on the plans back in May 2021, and reached MVP stage by the end of the year. The MVP was first tested by a 25-strong group and, following positive feedback, the app was launched in online stores at the beginning of April 2022.

The small Hungarian team has started working with young influencers from all over the globe, Brazil, France, India and even Australia, who have incorporated Voovo in the advice they give about studying. In just 3 months, this has earned the app 10,000 downloads from 150 countries in 3 months, and more than 120,000 flashcards were created. Would you believe it, the average time most dedicated users spend on the app is 3 and a half hours a day!

Compared to many other successful apps, this Hungarian development has a unique value offering, with a card-creating capacity more than ten times faster than the competitors.