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Corvinus is invited to the world’s most prestigious business case study competition

Tar Gábor | 2022-12-15
Corvinus University of Budapest has been invited to the prestigious international business case study competition, the Champions’ Trophy in New Zealand, since its students won three gold medals in international case solving competitions this year. The Champions’ Trophy is only open to the 12 best performing universities in the world in a given year.

After 2018, Corvinus has again qualified for the most prestigious undergraduate general business case study competition, the Champions’ Trophy in New Zealand. This is the second time that the university has been represented in the competition, which was launched in 2008.

The invitation to the competition, which will be hosted by the University of Auckland’s Business School from 29 January to 5 February, was conditional on Corvinus being among the top 12 universities in the world in this year’s international business case solving competitions. Corvinus students competed in several international competitions this year, three of which they won.  

The Corvinus team solved the case of IKEA in Rotterdam

Corvinus’ team of Réka Kovács, Kíra Szabó, András Zareczky and Péter Zombori, prepared by Bence Pistrui, assistant professor at the Department of Business Economics, won the RSM Star Case Competition in Rotterdam. They solved two cases during the one-week competition. The first example was the 12-hour case of Domino’s Pizza, which was about how the company could tackle the current shortage of pizza delivery staff.

The second example was the 24-hour case of IKEA: it asked how the furniture company can adapt and meet the needs of customers in the future, Corvinus press release said.

The second victory was in Thailand

Corvinus students gained the second victory this year in the Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition in Thailand. It was the first time that the university had participated in this competition. The university was represented by Fanni Fakli, György Gáspár, András Koleszár and Dániel Kostyal, who were prepared for the competition by Miklós Kozma, associate professor.

Corvinus rector Előd Takáts congratulated the members of the teams and their mentors who achieved first place in international competitions (Photo: Corvinus)

The short case of the competition was provided by the online accommodation booking site Agoda, and the long, 24-hour case was sponsored by KBank, which is Thailand’s leading digital bank. The Corvinus team was awarded first place out of the 20 leading business schools. The value of the first place is further proven by the fact that no European team has finished in the top three for the last seven years of the competition.

Corvinus students solved the case of a tanker ship company as well

This year’s third Corvinus’s victory was in the NHH International Case Competition in October, where Corvinus was also invited for the first time. The teams had to solve the case of Odfjell, the tanker ship company shipping chemical compounds, within 24 hours.

Their task was to see if the company could harness the resources it had previously invested in sustainability as a competitive advantage. The team was made up of Mirella Fekete, Noémi Kopka, Márton Nyikos and Zsanett Őrsi, with the guidance of associate professor Zsolt Matyusz.