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Money-saving tips for university students

Halaska Gábor | 2023-01-25
In today's economic environment and with inflation at this rate, it's even more important to know your income and expenditure. We show you how you can save.

Accommodation for university students
The price of an average rent, including utilities, is now more than 150-200 thousand HUF, while you can get a dormitory room for just a few tens of thousands of HUF. If you’re going home for the weekend every Thursday anyway, is it worth renting an apartment on your own for 3-4 nights? There are plenty of Facebook groups for students where you can find offers for renting rooms especially.

Foods if you’re an average university mate
It’s time to grab a wooden spoon and make some simple recipes that are good for your health and your wallet. There are plenty of cooking videos online, or simply ask your parents for help. Trust me, there’s no better Sunday activity.

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