Tips to learn from the best teacher

UNIside | 2022-09-23
When newly enrolling in a course it's a huge dilemma to choose a teacher, unknown though, but still the one who may best suits you to learn from. It's smart to ask for help. But where and from whom? We have gathered the most reliable, credible and easily accessible sources.

First steps

You can enroll in three types of courses at a Hungarian university.

  • core course
  • required course and
  • elective course.

For all three types, it is worth enquiring in advance which teacher’s course you should take. For core courses ask someone who has been studying the same major as you. It occures especially for courses at the first semester that they are being tought at several majors at the same time, but still it’s better to make sure.

Turn to your mentor!

If you’ve been to a freshman camp or an immersion week, then firstly it’s a good choice to turn to your mentor you met there. Even if you’re not studying the same major, he or she must have heard something of the teacher, or may know someone whom you could be referred to.  

Ask students with more experience!

Is there a more credible source than students who have spent at least one semester in the classes of the tutor in question? Where can you find them? 

Key of the solution is the often mentioned Facebook groups. There must be a group of same major students or of all students, which has a lot of members regardless of major or year of study. All you need to do is post a question: “Could you share some experiences on class Y of teacher X, please” or “Could anyone say a few words of Mrs., Mr., Ms. XY, please?”. The answer will sure be there within an hour.

Head to Markmyprofessor!

Not only teachers can rate students’ performance on a five-point scale, but vice versa. Markmyprofessor is a website developed in Hungary and on this site students can rate teachers in higher education. It’s very simple to use: type the teacher’s name into the search bar, then see the score of the particular teacher and then you may scrutinize the comments as well. 

Important though: anyone can rate anyone on Markmyprofessor, the system does not cross-check it whether the person providing information has been taught by the particular teacher, or not.

Listen to your heart!

Remember, no two people on earth are alike! It’s up to each individual what presentation and teaching style he or she likes. 

Weigh in your information you collected and then ask yourself: is the teacher they’ve recommended the right one for me? The decision and the responsibility are yours only.

As in all aspects of life, you will become more and more experienced in this regard as time passing by. However, don’t be discouraged, the world will not fall apart, if you don’t manage to enroll to the course of the teacher you had your eyes on. You could always try next semester again.

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