Your options at uni if you have a medical issue

UNIside | 2022-10-28
Studying at university is for everyone, not just the healthy and able bodied. Many students go through higher education while living with the everyday challenges of heart disease, diabetes, cancer or other illnesses. Here is a summary of the support available if you are one them.

Regular social assistance

If you are a fee-paying student, the university may support you by reducing your tuition fee. You will need to apply for a reduction—more information on how to do that is available from the university’s student council.

Authorisation of additional absence for medical appointments

Just ask the doctor or their assistant for an official justification of absence, hand it over to the relevant person at the uni, and that’s it. Rules vary according to universities and courses, obviously, but it is worth profiting from this possibility if you have a mandatory attendance requirement.

Passive student status

Sometimes, especially in case you are involved in an accident, become ill, or find yourself in unexpected circumstances, you can request the university to deactivate your student status. The period of passive status cannot exceed two semesters, but you can request it more than once, depending on the given university’s academic study and examination regulations. You can inform the university upfront about the possibility that you may need to avail yourself of this possibility, however, you will need to obtain a specific authorization in each case. 

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