Five useful tips for new university students

Halaska Gábor | 2022-12-01
For anyone starting university, it's a big change from their high school years; so we'll give you 5 useful tips for you.

1. Attend your classes!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can just attend their compulsory practical classes and skip the theory lectures.

Believe me: when the exam period comes, you’ll thank yourself for attending these classes instead of (or in addition to) partying or having fun until dawn, because not only will your knowledge be deepened, but you’ll also be more sympathetic to the exam teacher.

2. Don’t buy new textbooks!

It’s worth saving money where you can. Unless you’re studying a major where the curriculum can change from year to year – law, for example – it’s pointless wasting your money on buying the latest edition of every textbook in every subject.

The first thing you should do is to check whether the textbook you are looking for is available online in PDF format. If not, upper-year students will be happy to sell their own previous textbooks for much less.

3. Start preparing for the exams on time!

When beginning in September, many students think that the exam period starting in December is so far away that they simply don’t focus on it in time: they would rather spend their time partying or doing student work. Manage your time consciously, prepare continuously and it will be much easier to perform.

4. Pay more attention to your health!

You’ll have to give small lectures and presentations, as well as write assignments and final papers. Moreover, during the exam period, you will have to “take it all on the chin”.

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