Find your way around at the university from your first day!

UNIside | 2022-09-23
When you enter the world of a university, you are greeted by countless new things. We've put together the most useful information to help you get your first semester off to a smooth start.

Good to know

Regardless of what major you’re studying, whether you’re moving away from home or not, university life is a never-ending source of new things. Even upperclassmen are in for surprises, let alone freshmen. From institutional administration, through course information, to information about social life, we’ve tried to put together a list to help you find your way around.

Photo: MTI

Student Council (HÖK, Hallgatói Önkormányzat)

The Student Council is the representative body of students in higher education. It operates at university and faculty level, as well. It’s worth checking out who the members of the student council are and how to get in touch with them.  

Student organizations

Student organizations are associations of students that have been set up to achieve a specific goal or activity. If you’re not looking to occupy yourself with academic work, then any student organization appealing to you is a good place to meet new people.

Course descriptions

For elective courses in particular, it is worth browsing through the materials available on Neptune (universities have a common, central online administration portal and app) or on the department’s own website to know exactly what kind and how much study material and assessment you can expect from a subject that sounds good at first. 

Renowned lecturers

Almost as soon as you enter the university, you’ll find horror stories about some lecturers. You’re better off ignoring these, because most of the time these are stories of a few unfortunate students on a folktale tour.

Making friends

As said above, the most obvious place to make friends is in student circles and organizations. However, if you skip these for some reason (not recommended), you’re left with classes to make friends. Sit down next to the first friendly face and introduce yourself! 

Study and exam regulations

The most important document of your university years, all your rights and obligations, all the rules are summarized in it. Read it carefully and keep it handy…