Typical mistakes fresh university students make

UNIside | 2022-09-23
Being a university student also means becoming responsibly independent, it's no longer just an adolescent freedom. Many people make the mistakes listed here, so make sure you avoid them.

Forgetting important deadlines

You’d think that sooner or later you’d get used to keeping track of a lot of deadlines at once, but that’s not the case for everyone.

Giving you just a few examples: enrolment, course registration, registration in Neptune and, at some universities, applying for freshman camps are among the important deadlines.

There are plenty of tools online for this, take your pick. But if you’re still having trouble, get your parents’ “ancient” method: mark the most important dates on a wall or desk (paper!) calendar.

You don’t go to lectures

While, no doubt, the memes about making fun of attending lectures can be good jokes, the reality is that you’re only kidding yourself if you don’t attend regularly. 

You put partying before studying

It’s a common stereotype of university students that the 14 weeks of their term are all about partying, but don’t fall for it for a minute. 

Of course, you don’t have to spend every weekend poring over your notes, but don’t even think about skipping studying during your term. You can party, but only with reasonable measure.