Top tips for the best presentations

UNIside | 2022-09-25
It is impossible to navigate through uni years without preparing presentations as part of the course work. Here are a few pointers to help you make yours stand out for the right reasons.
  1. Be creative with the title

Many people consider that first impressions are the most important. A creative title, one that is sufficiently clear, yet not too dry, will catch the attention of the audience who will want to know more about the content of your talk. The title could also be a relevant question or a fitting phrase.

  1. Frame your presentation

After the title, instead of jumping right in the middle, briefly introduce what you are going to talk about. This will give structure to your presentation, and the audience will know what to expect. At the end, always give a short summary as a conclusion of your thoughts.

  1. Mind the logical setup

If you are presenting a project or a process, always follow the logical or chronological sequence. It will make your presentation seamless, helping you with your delivery, and the audience understanding you.

  1. The less you write, the better

Your presentation is primarily meant to support your talk. Therefore, you only need to write the most important information on the slides, an outline with the keywords.

  1. Use as many pictures and illustrations as you can

Most people tend to be visual, and what will capture and hold the attention of the audience will be the illustration you use for your presentation. Use as many pictures and illustrative figures, that is charts and tables on your slides as possible, to break up the monotony of the text.

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