The starting salaries you can expect with a degree from an English top university

Tar Gábor | 2022-10-03
Graduates from Imperial College London (ICL) have the highest average starting salaries in the UK. They can earn £33,500 per year on average.

The University Admission Centre UK (UACUK), one of the top London-based student university admission consultants, ranked the starting salaries for UK graduates, based on last year’s figures.

The UACUK found that graduates from Imperial College London (ICL) have the highest starting salary on average (£33,500 per year).

Oxford is behind Cambridge by just £100

The London School of Economics came second in the ranking with an annual salary of £32,000, and Cambridge University third with £30,100. Oxford University is behind by just £100 a year its big rival, Cambridge. We recently reported that Oxford has gained the top spot in The Times university list for the first time in 12 years.

Graduates from University College London attend their graduation ceremony in Central London (Photo: 123rf)

The median salaries shown in the survey reflect the average starting salaries of all graduates at a given university. The starting salaries of graduates with a given subject can vary significantly depending on which university the student graduated from. For example, Computer Science graduates from Oxford University have median wages of £65,000, while graduates with the similar course from Leeds Beckett University could earn £20,000.

Starting salary for graduates (£, 2021, per year, median):

  • 1. Imperial College: 33,500
  • 2. London School of Economics: 32,000
  • 3. Cambridge University: 30,100
  • 4. University College London: 30,000
  • 4. Oxford University: 30,000
  • 6. King’s College London: 29,000
  • 6. St George’s University of London: 29,000
  • 6. Warwick University: 29,000
  • 9. Bath University: 28,500
  • 10. Bristol University: 28,000
  • 10. Queen Mary University of London: 28,000
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