Did you know that these were the most sought-after professions in 2022?

Bodzás Szabolcs | 2022-12-17
Who and why would want to take adult education - that's the question asked by in its September survey. The 4,200 responses received suggested that many people choose to study for a change of job. There are also a high number of people who are returning to school to get a piece of paper or to make an old dream come true.

The world has changed a lot in recent years. First the Covid19 epidemic and then the economic crisis have forced many people to change jobs. Learning is both a necessity and a good investment, as a second or third qualification is always useful.

“In the past, in many areas, it was possible to find a job without a qualification, for example because of a shortage of skilled workers. However, legislation has become more and more stringent, so paper is becoming more important than experience,” said Andrea Szabó, education expert at

It is also possible to work as a parent

The survey showed that although the number of people studying for a job change is leading the field by a significant margin, it is followed by those who are studying just for the paper and then those who want to make their dream come true. The fourth largest group is made up of mothers who want to make the most of their time at home with their children, and the top 5 also includes those who only have a school-leaving qualification.

Paper is becoming more important than experience (Photo: 123rf)

We see that relatively few people undertake adult learning for purely financial reasons, as well as a minority who think that learning is a good thing,” says Andrea Szabó.

And what will most people have studied in 2022? Here are the most popular professions:

  • Nanny
  • Pedagogical assistant
  • Health pedagogical assistant
  • Educational assistant
  • Personal and property guard
  • Food vendor
  • Make-up and eyelash artist
  • Golden wheat ear farmer
  • Fitness instructor
  • Electrician

Guys, you’re missing out!

“Nowadays, there are more women in education than men, which is why women’s professions are more attractive, such as social, education and beauty,” she said.

In the case of make-up artist, fitness instructor and electrician courses, the idea of owning your own business can also be an attractive option, offering good earnings and a more relaxed schedule. The popularity of sporting professions is also driven by the spread of health-conscious lifestyles.

The golden wheat ear farmer training has become popular because of land purchase, which is compulsory under the Land Act. In addition to meeting other eligibility requirements, only those who are registered in the land register and have the relevant professional qualifications can be authorised to purchase land and lease land.

Courses that can be started with primary school qualifications are particularly popular. These include training as a nanny, assistant carer, personal and property guard, food vendor and golden wheat ear farmer. They are also fast-track courses that can be used to get a job in a short time,” added the education expert from

The proportion of women looking for a learning opportunity on is 65.28 percent, compared to 34.72 percent of men.

The breakdown of users by age: 24.05 per cent aged 35-44, 19.63 per cent aged 25-34, 20.12 per cent aged 45-54, 13.65 per cent aged 55-64, 12.17 per cent aged 18-24 and 10.39 per cent aged 65 and over.