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Rental guide: 2 important things to consider if you are looking for an apartment

Halaska Gábor | 2022-12-14
Always be very alert when looking for a rent apartment. But now, with gas and electricity prices soaring, you need to be even more careful than usual about where and what kind of apartment you rent or where you join in as a roommate. Here we show you the key points!

Although the big hype of apartment, room and roommate search season has already wrapped up in September and October, it could happen that you might just be in need of a ” study headquarters” far from home.

It may also be that you’ve already managed to find a place in the last few years or months, or possibly that you’ve had enough of the dormitory. Perhaps you have to leave your dorm because of energy conservation measures.

It’s also true that the drastic rise in energy prices could have caused utility bills to go through the roof for many large apartments, whereas the optimism of landlords at the end of this summer and beginning of autumn has also gone with it.

Two things ensue from the above that you should definitely bear in mind if you are in need of a cozy little study space these days.

TIP 1. Heating of the apartment

On the one hand, you need to be very conscious of the fact that in a large, two or three-bedroom, or even larger big city apartment with individual heating (convector or circulator), with possibly more people living in it, you can easily slip out of the discounted (i.e. very cheap) gas prices!If you are not careful enough, this winter, the price of a cheap-looking room, say 40-50 thousand forints, may be accompanied by a similar amount(!) of utility expenses…This is not a risk for district-heated apartments, even if your heating is individually metered.

TIP 2. Suspicious prices

If you are being offered larger apartments or houses for rent at suspiciously low prices, be especially careful!You could be lured into an ‘overheads-trap’ similar to the one detailed above.

It is worth knowing that the winter gas bill of a not new or not new-style apartment larger than a two or three rooms flat (about 60-70 square meters) equipped with a convector or even an older gas boiler, with outdated windows, can easily exceed 100-150 thousand forints in a single month!

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