Porsche: we offer career opportunities

UNIside | 2022-11-30
Our internship program is an important element of our training program, which is why many students stay with us for a long time after university - said Csaba Kiss, HR Director of Porsche Hungaria Kereskedelmi Kft.

This interview was published in the UNI 2022 summer edition.

How do you recruit interns?

We are looking for university students who want to do meaningful work in a professional environment. At Porsche, we usually recruit interns for at least one year, during which time we expect 20-25 hours of availability per week. Those who can combine this expectation with their studies and apply to us will be interviewed in several rounds. The second time we sit down for an interview, a representative of the professional field in which the applicant would like to work is already present. We have a number of divisions: from brand management to technical customer service, finance and controlling to IT, there are many areas to choose from for the candidates who want to come to us. We employ students through a student union. And our hourly wages are market-driven. Our internship program is an important part of our training program, which is why many students stay with us long term after university.

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What advice would you give to students who want to work for Porsche in the future? What should they focus on during their school years?

Every young person is different, but there is one thing that is typical of young people starting out in their careers: many of us have difficulty speaking languages. This limits their opportunities. Many times what happens is that a candidate has language exams, but is unable to use the knowledge they have acquired. So I would definitely advise students to pay more attention to language learning. Also, it is obviously important that when they apply for an internship, they should have the will to do something. But fortunately our experience on this front has been basically positive.

How is the Porsche Group structured at home?

The Group is structured in three companies. Porsche Hungaria deals with wholesale, and Porsche Inter Auto operates alongside us with separate management. They also own the car showrooms and the own-brand dealerships. The third leg is Porsche Finance, which brings together the smaller companies involved in vehicle financing. The ownership and headquarters are common, but with separate management and separate corporate structures.

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