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The key to knowledge: learn to learn

Szádeczky-Kardoss Klára | 2022-10-28
How well do you know yourself? How is your self-awareness when it comes to learning? How well do you set yourself achievable goals? Are you even using the right techniques to achieve them? Methodology of learning helps you to acquire learning methods, approaches and skills that can be useful for succeeding in any subject.

Developing habits that help you be productive is essential for effective learning. First of all, it is important to identify the causes of learning difficulties and to address them by eliminating bad habits. Otherwise it is much more difficult to develop interest, curiosity and a desire to learn. There are also exercises to help you retain and develop your attention, but vocabulary development, speaking technique, text comprehension and memory improvement are also an integral part of the learning methodology. 

Photo: Pixabay

Beyond overcoming distractions, comfort is also important. Get regular ventilation, take breaks, eat and drink while you study and get some exercise. Take it easy and keep your workload to a minimum, preferably one thing at a time.

10 ways to make learning easier

  • Make a schedule so you have time for everything.
  • Take small steps, then return to the previous section from time to time.
  • Underline key words, take notes, it helps you review and understand the material better.
  • Don’t just memorise by re-reading the text, try to keep recalling it.
  • Repeat the material in sections so that you don’t overlook any information.
  • Ask questions, if you don’t remember something or don’t understand it, look it up thoroughly.
  • Explain the material to someone. New information is much better retained if you repeat it to someone so that they can understand it. Teaching is the easiest way to learn.
  • Try to make connections between what you have learned before and what you are learning now.
  • Do not underestimate the power of study cards, they can really speed up the process.
  • Repeat regularly, not just immediately, but also a few days and weeks later.