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Don’t just talk, understand why and how!

Haiman Éva | 2022-10-28
Speaking is as natural a part of our lives as breathing: it is one of the most common and important means of human communication. So we don't even think about how wonderful it is to be able to express ourselves through words. The Hungarian Speaking website, however, gives us an insight into the secrets of our speech, and the site is also available in English, so that foreigners can get closer to this wonderful but actually not easy language.

The website is available in both Hungarian and English, thanks to Gábor Olaszy, electrical engineer, phonetician and Kálmán Abari, programmer, mathematician and behavioural analyst. 

Speaking is one of the most complex and intricate acoustic products of human beings. This website will help you gain insight into the secrets of how speaking actually works.

Photo: Pixabay

Until the 20th century, it was only a mere pipe dream for mankind to understand the detailed structure, function, perception and comprehension mechanisms of speaking. Phonetic and speech acoustics research and digital technology have provided the basis for the digitisation of speech, the solution to the problem of speech generation from text by machines.

The results of speech technology are now an integral part of our lives in 2022, with mobile phones speaking, translating and media with automated subtitling.

One of the aims of this website is to present the important stages of this development as a digital multimedia museum. Another aim is to give young people a peek into the strange science of speech technology, mainly for educational purposes, and to inspire them to think new thoughts.


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