Growing up and all that jazz

UNIside | 2022-09-25
When you set out to start university, you are well on the path to growing up. Here is what you are going to learn outside the lecture halls.

Managing your time

You will have to make time for everything, and hopefully you’ll get the knack of it fairly quickly. When you are at university, you will likely not be told what your schedule is, and you will have to figure out for yourself what works best so that you can make good progress. Don’t leave everything for the exam period!

Photo: Unsplash

Managing your money is also key

If you start university on your own, away from your family, you will have to make the decisions about how much you are going to spend on what. You will soon discover all the different “hidden” expenses!

Re-evaluating your relationships with people

The final phase of growing up is crucial in terms of your relationships. As you get to know more and more people, you will have less and less free time after studying and working. In general, it soon becomes clear who are the people you can rely on in every situation, and who reciprocate the time and energy you invest in them.

Getting closer to identifying and realizing your life goal

All of these will take you through some serious self-awareness exercises. You will very likely reassess many other things and events in your life, or realize what mistakes you had made in the past. Becoming more self-aware will also help you realize what it is that makes you happy and content, and help you find your place in the world.

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