Shocking university superstitions! Do you know the famous and astonishing customs and beliefs of Hungarian universities?

UNIside | 2023-01-15
Every school community has its own customs, which may seem strange at first glance. There are also many terribly strange traditions and superstitions among students at universities. Let's look around the country in search of these traditions.

The most common superstition, which applies to everyone

It is a common belief in almost all Hungarian universities that if you don’t have a number in your Neptune code, you will definitely fail your studies. 

Strange animal love BME style

The students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics have been keeping a special tradition for decades.

As part of the Graduation Week, they visit the Buda Castle district, including the statue of András Hadik on horseback, to have the horse’s testicles cleaned, removing the outer layer of iron oxide.

A common belief in almost all Hungarian universities says that if you don’t have a number in your Neptune code, you will definitely fail your studies. (Photo: 123rf)

The statue was once guarded by police, but that didn’t deter the students. A small delegation was reportedly sent in advance to distract the police so that the real team could gain access to the monument.

This custom is also very much alive and followed in high school circles. In many high schools in Budapest, the key to successful graduation is to go up, even if not to clean, but at least to pet the horse’s testicles before the exams.

Fashion problems with SOTE sweaters and pharmacist predictions

Even an institution as serious as Semmelweis University (SOTE) is not free of myths either. Supposedly, if you buy a SOTE sweater in your first few years, you will also be without a degree. 

But of course, there are many more predictions in connection with the university. It is said, for example, that the first year will tell you who will become a pharmacist, and the second year will tell you when… It is known that the first two semesters are a clear indication of who the course is for, and the two semesters after that are extremely difficult, as there is a lot to study. But those who get this far never stop training.

The law of attraction is of no use here…

The superstition spread at the University of Public Service is that if you wear a uniform with a rank higher than your own, you will never actually achieve that rank in your life.

Szeged beach season: get in the water with your clothes on

In Szeged, dental and medical students take a bath in the Dugonics Square fountain in front of the university’s main building after their final exams, dressed in festive attire(!).

Just be careful where you step…

At the Széchenyi István University in Győr, a rumor has spread that whoever steps on the center stone of the cobbled circle in front of the entrance of Hegedűs Gyula Dormitory, will simply not get a diploma.

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