Exam period survival guide – Follow these tips and you won’t get exhausted!

Halaska Gábor | 2022-12-18
Make the next couple of months bearable with these tips! With the start of the exam season comes something else, too: the gossip mill.

Just look after yourself in exam season

With the start of the exam season comes something else, too: the gossip mill. Everyone has an opinion about how many days to study for which subjects, and what material to prepare from. If you try to incorporate all these “useful inputs”, you won’t even know where your head is at. It is better to concentrate on studying, regardless an offline or online exam will come.

Test your stamina

Some people can study every day, perhaps even all day, but for others it’s unbearable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has the same resilience, and not everyone studies the same way most effectively.

Maybe you want to have some free time besides studying. If so, plan to fit it in. You may have to stretch the exam period more, but it won’t be as demanding.

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Make time to relax when exam time comes

Try to relax for at least a few hours every day. You don’t need to think up big things. It’s enough to go for a walk and let your brain soak up the fresh air and take a break from staring at books and screens all day.

It’s also important not to forget about social relationships, as time spent with family or friends can have a huge payoff for your mental health.

Watch your diet in exam season

Exam season sanctifies all means. Here come pasta soups and every imaginable convenient solution you might need in a time crunch. However, if you don’t want to feel completely exhausted after a few days, it’s a good idea to put a little more effort into meal planning. Vegetables, fruits and nuts all help to maximize your performance.

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