Erasmus experiences: in Lisbon

Sófalvi Márton | 2022-10-27
Years at university can be enriched not only by new friendships, parties and other school activities, but also by studying abroad with Erasmus+. Anna told us about her six months in the Portuguese capital, and we can tell you this much: you will also have your eye on such an unforgettable, amazing experience like this!

Lisbon is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in Southern Europe, because it’s a vibrant, culturally diverse place with reasonable prices, super culture, beautiful beaches and great locals. It was the best semester of her Erasmus+ life here, and Anna told us the most important and memorable things from start to finish.

How she started her Erasmus+ trip

Applying was not the easiest, but it was not impossible. With due diligence and respecting deadlines, it was not difficult to put together a cover letter in English and obtain the required documents from the university. She only had to wait a few weeks and the confirmation arrived: the application was accepted to the Universidade Catolica Portugues in Lisbon.

At the earliest, she had to deal with course enrolment, course acceptance and other university arrangements a few months before departure. However, she stressed that it was better to start looking for accommodation six months in advance. Cheap rentals in the city center will soon be gone. In Western European countries, rents are higher, and this is also the case in Portugal.

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New culture, new university

A few days before the beginning of education is a good time to get to know the city, maybe do a few things, or start your tourist activities right away. 

About university, she said it was everything she had imagined. Palm trees on the campus, lots of international and interesting students, approachable and helpful teachers. There were not only Erasmus+ students in the classes, but also Portuguese students, which made the discussions in the classes even more engaging. There were practical subjects with lots of group work. This is a very good opportunity to train your flexibility and resourcefulness,” said Anna.

Thanks to internationality and the diversity of backgrounds, she has been exposed to a range of programs and applications that helped her in her studying and in her profession.

Learning and traveling with Erasmus+

Well, it wasn’t all about studying in these past few months! Anna told me that this is the best part: if you manage your money smartly, you can use the grant to take small trips around the country.

There are always student tickets for trains and buses, so you can go almost anywhere. You need to be a bit more flexible when it comes to accommodation, as this can take most of your money. But Anna whispered to us that hostels in Portugal (where you have to share rooms with several people) are usually in good condition. They are cheap, well equipped and clean.

And there was the ocean, which was unforgettably beautiful! Even though the temperature of the water is below 20 degrees all year round, many people still go swimming, surfing or diving. 

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Photo: Unsplash.com

And finally: falling in love with Lisbon

The city is full of places of historical interest, it is culturally thriving, and there are many international exhibitions and programs in English. Anna pointed out that although the tourist season can be quite demanding, anyone who wants to go in the spring should do so. Not only because of the weather, but you can also experience June as a local, which is all about partying in Lisbon.

Don’t hesitate to apply!

We hope this report has helped you make up your mind if you were in doubt. You can have one of the most defining and memorable experiences of your life by taking advantage of the Erasmus+ opportunity.

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