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Dorm life: it’s not all sunny days!

Halaska Gábor | 2022-10-29
If your home address (or at least the address on your address card) is very far from the institution where you are studying, you can apply for a place in their dorms. The question is not only whether you will succeed, but also whether it is worth it.

Let’s start with the positives!

As a dorm student, you can participate more intensively in social life. Even within the dormitory itself, there are usually lots of parties, so you can quickly get to know people, expand your circle of friends and your social network.

As a dorm student, you have the advantage of being in closer contact with other upper-year students who are studying the same major as you. If you manage to build a good relationship with them, they can give you excellent tips: which teacher to choose for your course, what to expect in an exam or test, who to choose as a consultant for your thesis, which optional subjects will be a benefit. They can also give you their previous notes.

Yes, dorm is much cheaper than renting your own (or sharing) one.

If your home is really so far away from the university that it would be impossible to commute, you have two options: renting an apartment or going to a dormitory. And rent prices are sky-high, with the monthly price of a rented apartment in Budapest often exceeding the net minimum wage of an adult working graduate.
What’s more, it’s becoming more common for landlords to ask for a three-month deposit instead of two month, which can be a strain on your (or your family’s) wallet.

Here’s the downside!

You will have to constantly adapt to at least one, and in most cases three, other people. Moreover, in many cases, you don’t decide who you get to share a room with, and you may well end up with a roommate who you soon find you can’t live with.

Our Tip:

dormitory students can usually study quietly in the school library or a nearby library. Although you can’t have coffee and eat cookies there, but still the libraries are quieter than most coffee shops.

Another obstacle to successful learning is the poor wifi in many dormitories. And in today’s world, it is impossible to study without a laptop, so it can be very annoying to have to wait minutes to load a course material. And mobile internet is not cheap if you also need (or like) to watch a lot of videos.

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