This is what the new Corvinus campus will look like

Tar Gábor | 2022-12-21
The new campus of Corvinus University of Budapest on Ménesi Road is expected to open next autumn with a capacity of 600-700 students. The campus will include an 11,000 square metre park and a dormitory for 180 students.

The plans for the new Corvinus campus on Ménesi Road were presented at a press conference on 9 December. The building complex is expected to be inaugurated next autumn. Márton Barta, Head of the Strategy at Corvinus, said that 600-700 students will be able to study at the campus, which will house

  • educational buildings,
  • several sports and community spaces,
  • 11,000 square metres park,
  • a dormitory with 180 places,
  • the University’s Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme,
  • the Data Space, home to innovative data science projects.

Upper campus garden (Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest)

The total cost of the project is expected to be around HUF 16 billion net, of which HUF 12 billion will be provided in public aid and HUF 650 million gross from EU funds – Corvinus said in a press release. The remainder will be financed by the Maecenas Univesitatis Corvini Foundation, the owner of the campus and the university. 

The entrance wing of the campus with the two towers (Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest)

The entrance wing of the campus (Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest)

The campus will include a 180-seat dormitory with a roof terrace (Photo: Corvinus University of Budapest)



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