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BME’s rocket development team in the top 10 at a prestigious European competition

Tar Gábor | 2022-11-08
A rocket development team of engineering candidates from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has been ranked in the top 10 in Europe's most prestigious university rocket launch competition.

The European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC), Europe’s most renowned sport rocket competition, was held in Portugal in mid-October. 25 university teams from across Europe, including BME Suborbitals, a rocket development team of BME engineering candidates, qualified. This is the first time that a team from Hungary has participated in the EuRoC, which is being held for the third time this year. 

In the eight-day competition, which was organised by the Portuguese Space Agency and the European Space Agency, BME Suborbitals finished in fifth place in its category and in ninth place overall. The team has been working on the development of a research rocket since March 2022 in order to meet the requirements set by the competition. Therefore, preparations have been focused on the production of the components and the assembly of the rocket, according to the team’s press release.

The rocket of BME Suborbitals at the EuRoC 2023 competition (Photo: BME Suborbitals)

The parameters of the EREBOS-II research rocket developed for the competition are also available on the BME Suborbitals website:

  • length: 265 cm
  • weight: 6,000 g
  • target altitude: 3000 m
  • payload: 1200 g

The rocket reached an altitude of 3,020 meters

During the flight, the rocket reached supersonic speed, as it accelerated up to 1778 km/h, reaching an altitude of 3020 meters, which makes it the most accurate in the three-kilometer category, having exceeded the target altitude by only 20 meters.

The parachute was deployed as planned after reaching the top altitude, ensuring that the landing of the rocket was safe.